• Help Optimize Critical Resources
  • Streamlines Time Tracking
  • Creates a Paperless Office
  • Single Repository for all Client Info
  • Access Anywhere on Any Device


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Tech4Law is a comprehensive technology enabler for law firms and endows lawyers with unmatched efficiency and multi-tasking abilities.

Time & Billing

Streamline time tracking, capture billable and non-billable hours, and initiate on important matters instantly from anywhere in the world—on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Document Management

Create a paperless office by digitizing all correspondence. Control the entire lifecycle of documents—from how they are created, reviewed, published, disposed or retained.

Finance & Accounting

Automate the process of recording timesheet and capture all the work that is being done client wise.

Contacts & Clients

Get real-time insights in the company's financial health and budgeting by having access to valuable financial reports, such as general ledger, trial balance, balance sheet and quarterly financial statements.

Other Powerful Features of Tech4Law


Dashboard & Analytics

Tech4Law eliminates manual reporting process and offers real time insights for making decisions simpler—using powerful financial dashboards, reports and analysis. It is also useful for monitoring right KPIs and providing access to latest management and financial reports.

One can easily diagnose the financial issues by drilling down to a customer, resource or transactional detail, and take an informed decision even on-the-go, using mobile devices.

Finance & Accounting

Finance and Accounting is the core of Tech4Law. It gathers financial data from various functional departments and generates valuable financial reports. Types of reports being generated are general ledger, trial balance, balance sheet and quarterly financial statements. It takes care of all accounts-related entries and their impact on the overall flow of money, including cash in hand and funds in bank. In addition, it also reflects the total expenditure made.

Tech4Law allows the management to take important financial decisions, such as budgeting, faster and provides anytime visibility of a company’s financial position.


Task Management

Manage tasks through complete life cycle making it easier for individuals or groups to collaborate and achieve goals. It involves planning, testing, tracking and reporting at task level. The integration with outlook makes it even more effective.

Tech4Law differentiates tasks by complexity from low to high and covers all aspects including status, priority, time, human and financial resource assignment, recurrence and notifications.

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About Tech4Law

Tech4Law is an integrated and ready made solution that empowers law firms by providing a platform to optimize resources, enhance productivity and enable better relationship with clients, prospects and other stakeholders. It provides real-time visibility into key processes with actionable insights. This readymade solution, developed by Team Computers, is being used by best known law firms in India; it has been built by integrating synergistic technology platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Outlook.

Our happy clients


“We are very happy with the support services; turnover time has been really great. High levels and high standards of support and dedication… Team’s technical knowledge of the product is great, if there is a requirement and specific need and it has been given to Team Computers so we are quite sure that it will be done”

Sanjay Gupta, Manager HR & Admin

“For us Time is revenue. After switching to ERP it has really made our life easy. The Implementation process was very smooth, very professionally handled, every concern had been taken of. For Other business – I would say if they want to save money, time and efforts then definitely go ahead with this ERP package and definitely with Team Computers because we are very satisfied with their services and prompt response. Within 8 hours they resolve all our queries after mailing it to them.”

Shriram Agarwal, Head Finance & HR


“Our Clients are very demanding; we need to have everything on tip every time. The integrated solution by Team Computers made it possible in a very easy way. Now the information is now readily available on a single click.”

A leading law firm with over 150 lawyers

“We had to do around 600 entries for collection and expense every day; it used to take a few hours every day. With the integrated solution by Team Computers is hardly takes 15 minutes. Quality of work has improved significantly now and almost everything possible is automated.”

A leading law firm with more than 3,000 clients


Our team


Ranjan Chopra


Col. Ramesh Wahi



T. Karthikeyan

Service Head

Monish Madan

Practice Head


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